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Vent Art- Haunted by mehshania
Mature content
Vent Art- Haunted :iconmehshania:mehshania 0 0
Just some jacksepticeye fanart by mehshania Just some jacksepticeye fanart :iconmehshania:mehshania 3 0 Burnt by mehshania
Mature content
Burnt :iconmehshania:mehshania 0 0
When Trying Your Best Isnt Good Enough by mehshania When Trying Your Best Isnt Good Enough :iconmehshania:mehshania 0 0 Me right now part two by mehshania Me right now part two :iconmehshania:mehshania 1 0 Me right now part one by mehshania Me right now part one :iconmehshania:mehshania 0 0
Mature content
She has- shitty song lyrics?? part two :iconmehshania:mehshania 0 0
Shitty song lyrics?? I dont even know
If i asked you to stay with me
would you?
If i asked you to tell me everything was going to be alright
would you?
I told you that i was afraid of falling again
you said you catch me if i did fall
you told me everything was going to be okay
you took me away into a place I've never been before
you lied,you lied straight to my face
now we can never be the same
so here i go
this is a song for the liars
here’s a little lullaby
how do you get by?
by telling all of your lies
spinning and twisting your cobweb of lies
hoping to make us cry
what goes on in your mind?
what goes on in your head?
did you even think before you said;
“I’ll  never leave your side”
well that’s a lie, well that’s a lie
you were never on my side
so now i see you
just how i left you
a mess in tears
after all these years
you never changed
you never learnt
you played with fire
you played with my heart
now you must see
what emotionally you did to me
You broke my heart into billions of
:iconmehshania:mehshania 0 0
The girl that was running through the rain, everyone saw her a normal high school student, a normal girl, with a normal family. The boy that was chasing after her, seemed pretty normal, in this town to everyone seemed normal, even the ones who looked strange we’re normal.
“Sakura..!” Tori yelled, chasing after Sakura running through the alleys, following his friend “Sakura wait!!” Sakura didn’t stop running. She ran until she reached the T intersection. “Sakura!” Tori yelled before running into Sakura “Unf!.. Hey look where you’re going Tori-chan” Sakura said snickering. “Sakura! Don’t call me that..” He said blushing slightly. “Tori-chan, Tori-cha-” Sakura said singly before she was stopped by Tori’s hand.Sakura lightly bit his hand “Ow... you bit it” Tori said looking down at his hand, Sakura was smiling she had one finger over her mouth.
“Sakura, you’re so me
:iconmehshania:mehshania 0 0
We’re trapped in a box of boredom
we’re locked away in a place called reality
blank walls cover us up
we are looking for a way to escape
a way to get away just for a day
we’re trapped, locked can’t escape
look up darling
look at where we are
look up at the stars
don’t let them hurt you
don't let those words burn you
keep your chin up
look up darling
look up at the stars
each one shining
each one shining for you
keep on smiling
keep on trying
yeah i know you’re sick
yeah i know you’re done
with the trying and the crying
inside you’re dying
dying of loneliness
We’re trapped in a nightmare
a nightmare that won’t end
its keeps chasing after us
if we keep on running
if we keep on trying
it might die in the end
don’t give up
we might be trapped now
but in the end we’re free
look up darling
look up at the stars
look up at what you have done
you’ve made a difference
don’t ever let them change that
:iconmehshania:mehshania 0 0
Mature content
Masterpiece :iconmehshania:mehshania 0 0
Bad poetry
Let me confess, which is deep down in my chest
what is truly suppress, and never seen by the best
Depress and alone, tired; only wanting to rest.
Re-guess what you may think; I bore on my family's crest.
Cursed I may be, unlucky by three
is simply what I am become to thee.
Burst the bubble of sub-conclusion
and you'll see its all an illusion
Let me confess. I am bad at poetry but I try my best,
to truly get off what is on my chest.
:iconmehshania:mehshania 0 0
Bluemoon by mehshania Bluemoon :iconmehshania:mehshania 1 0 Beyond the fence by mehshania Beyond the fence :iconmehshania:mehshania 0 0 Bench by mehshania Bench :iconmehshania:mehshania 0 0 Character4b-VisCom by mehshania Character4b-VisCom :iconmehshania:mehshania 0 0


CM: Squad! by Glamist CM: Squad! :iconglamist:Glamist 419 15 Meet The Artist by lana-jay Meet The Artist :iconlana-jay:lana-jay 85 8 LolitaCynder by SoulKillur LolitaCynder :iconsoulkillur:SoulKillur 128 3 (CLOSED) Adopt Auction - Outfit 5 by cathrine6mirror (CLOSED) Adopt Auction - Outfit 5 :iconcathrine6mirror:cathrine6mirror 107 15 Custom outfit 2 by cathrine6mirror Custom outfit 2 :iconcathrine6mirror:cathrine6mirror 27 8
Commissions are CLOSED~ (no more slots available)
May commissions are CLOSED~
(Working on the orders, you can see how far I am with each on the bottom of this journal. Thank you! <3)
~~Flower icon.4 Flower icon.4 Flower icon.4 ~~  
-Commission prices-
Head shot - 10$ /1000 Points  (I accept points only for this and waist up sketch type of commissions )

waist up - 15$ /1500 Points (+10$ / 1000 Points for one additional character interacting with the first character, white background)
:iconcathrine6mirror:cathrine6mirror 5 2
Commissions (again)
So we have done some testing, and turns out I have chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (a connective tissue disorder)
I am needing cash to get new glasses, and eventually the scans I need on my hips and hands (damn you early onset arthritis)
Here's a link to my tumblr version of the commission post.
I'll post the basics here though.
Headshot and shoulders fully coloured like and
Halfbody like
$25 AUD
Full body in the same style $35 AUD (will have a ref soon as finish it)
Simple style like and
$18 for halfbody and $28 for fullbody
Chibi like, and
$8-$13 AUD (depending on the simplicity, the first would be $13 and the second and third $8)
Linearts are $8 for half or full body. Headshot is $6
:iconkerry483:kerry483 2 0
Commission Rules + Order Form
1) Slots are unlimited!
2) You must read all these rules before requesting a Commission!
3) Detailed and clear reference images are essential!
4) Payment is required before I begin the Commission. There are no refunds once the Commission is over halfway complete.
5) Depending on how busy I am, your commission may take up to two-three weeks to complete. When I'm not busy, the maximum completion time should be about 1 week (or less).*
I will NOT draw:
- Mecha
- Gore
- Hentai/Porn
- Realism
- Furry/Animals
I WILL draw:
- OCs
- Fanart
- Slight Ecchi
- Pokemon**
- Intricate/Complicated Designs***
* =  Time may vary depending on how many commissions you are ordering.
** = Adding Pokemon to an image costs extra per Pokemon. Note me for a revised price.
*** = Depending on the level of complexity, I may ask for more points/money.
When ordering a commission, please fir
:iconsetsulko:setsulko 4 0
Hey guys! So, I'm in dire need of money (like, really quite urgent), so I really need to advertise my commissions. So, I thought, what better way than to offer a discount?? So here it is plain and simple!

All you have to do is post a journal clearly advertising my commissions OR tag 3 people in the comments of this journal, and you're instantly eligible for a whopping 50% discount on your entire commission order! (Custom adoptables, too!)
So, say you order 2 chibis- the price is usually $10, but for this order, it'll just be $5!
FOR REFERENCE, my prices are right here!: 

(deal applies to point AND paypal orders)
Don't forget to read my rules before ordering, here!: 
Commission Rules + Order Form
This offer will end either at the end of May, or if I start to get overwhelmed with owed art.
Happy Commissioning!
:iconsetsulko:setsulko 5 10
Magical Girls - DokiDoki! Precure Version by vivian274 Magical Girls - DokiDoki! Precure Version :iconvivian274:vivian274 4 0 Magical Girls - KiraKira Precure A La Mode Version by vivian274 Magical Girls - KiraKira Precure A La Mode Version :iconvivian274:vivian274 6 0
Pop Vinyls ideas Upcoming
Pop Vinyls Upcoming ideas Characters and Vehicles 

Veemon from Digimon Digital Monsters 
Shoutmon from Digimon Fusion 
Gumdramon from Digimon Generations Live Action Series and Anime Series 
Mikey Kudo from Digimon Fusion 
Shoutmon car with Mikey Kudo from Digimon Fusion 
Cutemon from Digimon Fusion 
Guilmon from Digimon Tamers 
Davis from Digimon Digital Monsters 
Tai from Digimon Digital Monsters 
Takato from Digimon Tamers 
Philip Felix from Digimon Generations live action series and anime series 
Gatchmon from Digimon Generations live action series and anime series 
Veemon car with Veemon and Davis from Digimon Digital Monsters 
Carlos (Tagiru) Akashi from Digimon Fusion and Digimon Generations 
Jeremy from Digimon Fusion 
Agumon from Digimon Digital Monsters 
Gabumon from Digimon Digital Monsters 
Gatomon from Digimon Digital Monsters 
:iconjoetoonmania:Joetoonmania 3 1
Bea PopVinyl (Night in the Woods) by FlipOffRoy Bea PopVinyl (Night in the Woods) :iconflipoffroy:FlipOffRoy 16 0 how to draw in PASWG style by chanxbunn how to draw in PASWG style :iconchanxbunn:chanxbunn 1,499 104 20 Art Style Challenge + PROCESS by Konoira 20 Art Style Challenge + PROCESS :iconkonoira:Konoira 3,403 174 Greek Gods - Aphrodite by KatieAlves Greek Gods - Aphrodite :iconkatiealves:KatieAlves 239 10


Vent Art- Haunted
I feel haunted. I don't know who I am, I don't know what I am. I feel my face melt into nothing but then I realise it is just a hallucination. 
Just some jacksepticeye fanart
Ive been practising in mspaint lately and I am really proud of how his hair turned out
I have burnt many things, various flames have set my life a flame. I burnt myself red blue before i noticed it was too late. Im sorry


Shania (Shan)
Artist | Hobbyist
I mostly create things that help either express my inner emotions or an idea that has come across my mind. Most of my art is very personal in some way or form, please enjoy


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